CDP Theatre Producers, Lotte's Gift



By David Williamson
Written for and performed by Karin Schaupp
Directed by Aarne Neeme

Based on the memoirs and recollections of Lieslotte Reinke, and the recollections of Isolde and Karin Schaupp and Trudy von Stein.

Internationally acclaimed classical guitarist Karin Schaupp tells the remarkable journey of three generations of women – Karin, her mother Isolde and Grandmother Lotte. A talented actor, Karin brings to life her effervescent grandmother and displays her own sublime musical talent, playing the music that signposted their lives. An extraordinary and personal journey, Lotte's Gift will leave you uplifted and inspired by the power of both love and music.

"intimate and moving theatre where memories are accentuated by momentous history or personal dilemma and exquisitely performed music invites deep reflection on life's challenges. Schaupp is not found wanting as an actor….every time Karin picks up the guitar it is a treat….Exceptionally beautiful"

Sydney Morning Herald





"Schaupp is an actor who also happens to be a brilliant musician and the switches, back and forth, between her narrating self and as her grandmother, are seamless. The depth and pathos of Lotte's story is confidently in the foreground. It's brave and revealing story-telling and terrific theatre. And, of course,
the musical moments are sublime."

Stage Noise

"Williamson presents us with Lotte in her own words…..her formidable personality shines through. It's got warmth in spades…as a performer Schaupp is open, personable and animated…the quality of Schaupp's guitar playing and the passion and focus with which she plays the music is obvious …"


"Lotte's Gift provides moments of intimate and moving theatre….exquisitely performed music invites deep reflection on life's challenges. ….exceptionally beautiful"

Sydney Morning Herald

"storytelling at its most moving…. Williamson has scripted a heart-warming and unique piece of theatre. The honesty of this storytelling is perfectly balanced by Schaupp's classical guitar interludes. Hers is a true gift. Lotte's Gift is one of the most intimate and enchanting pieces of theatre ever"

"Lotte's Gift is a story made powerful because it's so personal….exquisite theatre"


"a soul-soaring performance…the story reverberates with awe, admiration, reverence and love"

Canberra Times

"(Lotte's Gift) tells a true, heart warming and often hilarious Australian story. As a bonus, it features Schaupp's sublime mastery of the classical guitar. It has the potential to travel the world."

Sunday Telegraph

"Though not without humour, the play is a gentle biographical tale of artistic ambition, sacrifice, legacy and love…it spans three generations, affirms the power of music and is an unusual chamber piece…the story, like the music, casts a tender spell. Schaupp, particularly as the resilient Lotte, is a force to be reckoned with"

Sydney Morning Herald 2006

"a cut, polished and multifaceted entertainment that defies easy pigeonholing. It's not a musical yet it's full of music; it's full of drama, yet it's simple storytelling of the kind that enthralls….such an engaging Australian story"


The season at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009

"Karin Schaupp has natural talent to spare. She keeps the audience spellbound…mixed with the secret ingredient of music, expertly played, you have a hit on your hands."

4 stars Broadway Baby

"Lotte's Gift is a musical and dramatic love letter to a much loved grandmother. Schaupp's guitar playing is phenomenal. Each dramatic moment is punctuated by a guitar solo, which always manages to add poignancy and depth…… an exquisite and at times awe-inspiring musical performance."

4 stars Whatsonstage

"a compelling one-woman play…exquisite guitar solos that express the mood of the chapter… . These carefully chosen pieces are woven seamlessly into the narrative and heighten the lucid recollections….a wonderfully rich portrait of a woman who lived for music."

4 stars The Skinny Fest Mag

"a completely engrossing performance - the musical interludes are an opportunity to regroup emotionally. ..if you're up for a bit of reflection and some wonderful guitar playing, I'd suggest you get down (to see Lotte's Gift). You're in for a treat."

4 1/2 stars Fringe Guru

"heartfelt and brilliant"

The Sunday Mail

"the poignant story of three generations of family.... uplifting and often revealingly personal...well worth seeing"

4 stars All The Festivals





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