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when you think you know someone

By Mary Rachel Brown
Starring: Valerie Bader and Benn Welford
Director: Peter J. Adams
Set Designer: Imogen Keen
Lighting Designer: Nicholas Higgins

Inside Out is an honest, surprisingly funny and compassionate journey into one young man's mind and a mother's struggle to understand.

Sue and Simon have always been close. 19 year old Simon is talented, smart and loving – the perfect son. But creeping up on Sue is the realisation that something is wrong.

What do you do when life turns you upside down, grabs your heart and squeezes it tight? When you need to find more love, strength and resilience than you ever thought you had?

Winner 2008 Rodney Seaborn Playwright's Award

The first production of Inside Out starring Tracey Mann & Lindsay Farris played in 2009 for four weeks in Sydney (Seymour Theatre Centre) and Albury/Wodonga (HotHouse Theatre).

The 2010 production starring Valerie Bader & Benn Welford undertook an extensive national tour.





"Projects such as Inside Out, can assist in effecting change in attitude towards those with serious mental health problems. I applaud and encourage the development of projects which seek to educate the wider public about mental illness and its effect on the individual, their family and loved ones. My best wishes are with Christine Dunstan Productions and the Inside Out team as they take the important message of this play
to the Australian community."

Her Excellency, Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO, Governor of NSW

"a rollercoaster ride of uncertain tension, increasing awareness and rising empathy. Farris and Mann offer outstanding performances. Farris charts Simon's difficult journey with such truth and understanding that the audience is held spellbound by his powerful performance. Mann contains Sue's pain and confusion with absolute conviction. Professionalism radiates through every aspect of this dynamic and engrossing insight into the plight of all who are directly or indirectly affected ...
Highly recommended"

Peter Wilkins, The Canberra Times

When I saw Inside Out I was struck by the authenticity of the experience portrayed on stage…this play is a powerful tool to convey the human aspect of mental illness. For decades those affected have struggled to educate people about this experience and break down stigma. The potency of this play, in an hour and a half, manages to create understanding in a compassionate and often humorous way.

Angela Greensill, Consumer Consultant – Mental Health ACT
Ambassador for the Schizophrenia Research Institute

Inside Out gives a rare opportunity to glimpse the impact on families of this much-maligned illness. (This) is a powerful production, calling on the skills of extraordinarily talented actors to portray the experience and effects of psychotic illness. Theatre is a wonderful medium to reach out and help understanding and to break down the public ignorance.

Margaret Springgay, Executive Director Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia

Inside Out is a deeply moving play that provides a remarkably accurate portrayal of the experience …. and its shattering impact on the family. Every mental health clinician should see this play to be reminded of the daily acts of heroism that living with schizophrenia entails. …But take care; it could break your heart.

Vaughan J Carr, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Newcastle
Director, Centre for Brain and Mental Health Research
CEO, Schizophrenia Research Institute

The power of this production, which accurately represents the experiences of thousands of Australians affected by mental illness, tells them they are not alone and can provide whole families with a rare opportunity to talk together about their situation. It will also inform friends and colleagues, encouraging more supportive and understanding attitudes and behaviour.

Barbara Hocking, Executive Director SANE Australia

The impact of mental illness on family life is often devastating. For our family, it felt as if gale force storms were blowing us off our feet, as if our lives were out of control, and as if the heartache of seeing someone we loved become so ill might never be assuaged. That's where theatre as an art form can play such a major role. Plays like Inside Out bring insights and empathy that help us understand the traumas of mental illness. They make such illnesses more accessible. They help remove the cruel burden of stigmatisation. And they provide the stuff of drama - if they're as well written as this play and promise such excellent performances.

Anne Deveson AO, Patron of Sane Australia, author of Tell Me I'm Here

People with the illness and their carers suffer daily through this terrible lack of education and awareness. We are proud to be partners in the production of Inside Out. We are fully aware of the powerful impact of theproduction and see a national tour as a unique opportunity to provide a greater insight into the illness and the life of a carer.

Rob Ramjan AM, CEO Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW Inc





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